Expanding the “Retro-Respect” Brand

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During the 2015 summer I decided to launch “Retro-Respect Records” as a brand specializing in the culture of lathe cut records. The initial vision for the brand was to offer home made DIY record cutting services, special events and dialogue for the record enthusiast community. As 2016 draws near my interests and circumstances have both refined and expanded my vision taking it in an exciting new direction.

Vinyl Cutting-0100

Since I initially announced the Retro-Respect project I’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest from artists, promoters and organizers seeking my record cutting services. Although over the last couple months I’ve fulfilled a good amount of record cutting projects and workshops unfortunately I haven’t had the time and resources I’d like to offer my assistance to everyone who has requested my work. As a full time DJ, Producer and Educator my active schedule has created a direct conflict with the amount of time needed to fulfill each potential project. As one can imagine making home made records is a challenging process with very little guidelines to follow. Each project requires hours of experimentation to create a product that I am proud of and that won’t disappoint the customer.



Although moving forward I will still offer some record cutting services and workshops by necessity I will be redirecting many of the requested work to other record manufacturing companies. This will allow me to focus on putting out quality releases and promoting better events through the Retro-Respect brand. The future of Retro-Respect will consist of both in house and outsourced quality vinyl releases, weekly and monthly vinyl events as well as more frequent and in-depth content at www.retro-respect.com.


I want to thank everyone and applaud everyone’s interest in my record cutting venture. Please stay connected as I will be hosting special events, releasing future projects and offering workshops in the near future through Retro-Respect. For record cutting (12 records or less) and workshop requests please contact me for prices at futureclassicmusic@gmail.com. For larger amounts of records please contact www.rainborecords.com

Aaron/DJ A-L